To whoever reads this: Have a wonderful day!

The idea

At the end of 2020, we put an idea into practice with Kerbstück, which has been buzzing around in our heads for a long time. We want to make cool, stylish products for everyday use but in a sustainable way. For the most part, we process old wood that has had a life before. Before these witnesses of time are discarded or even disposed of, we take these precious pieces and try to give give them a different purpose for the future. Old solid wood furnitures, steps, ancient timber-beams, old skateboards and much more find a new life in our products as companions for your everyday life in the living room and kitchen. We manufacture our products ourselves by hand and lay great importance into quality so that our products continue to write contemporary history and pass from generation to generation. They are supposed to beu used eventhough they look precious and awesome. They have already experienced a lot and should continue to do so. A real Kerbstück!

How everything began

The idea for Kerbstück came about during one of the numerous hikes in New Zealand. Surrounded by breathtaking nature and huge forests, we came up with the idea of creating products that "have that certain something". First and foremost, they should be of the highest quality, have a unique design and not be a decorative object, but suitable for everyday use. We want our customers to be happy every time they use it. That certain something is the story of the respective product, which makes it unique and an unforgettable one-of-a-kind.

"The best products around the world"

Someone, sometime

"Hi, I'm Levent. My wooden products are built from old wood. The wood comes from local sources and is processed by hand into beautiful unique pieces. I inherited my love of woodwork from my grandfather. I often find inspiration for my designs in nature or when travelling..”


The face behind Kerbstück

Gorgeous designs

We are always thinking about new designs, testing a lot, building what we feel like doing or what the wood whispers to us.

Exquisite products

We want our customers to have fun using our products. In addition to a great design, this includes practical, ergonomic handling and a high sense of value.

Fast and sustainable shipping

We pay attention to avoiding plastic when shipping and ship with DHL GoGreen